APU-1B Series Hydraulic Power Units:

Are Hydrostatic Test Pumps that equally serve as hydraulic

power units.

They are portable self contained units, incorporating all the required controls and instrumentation to carry out a pressure test on such things as pipes, hoses, pressure vessels, radiators, all kinds of valves and complete installations. The pump is mounted within a robust stainless steel carry frame complete with air filter, pressure regulator, air pressure gauge and pump start stop valve, hydraulic inlet fluid strainer, 4” diameter outlet pressure gauge, high pressure release valve, plus all interconnecting pipework and fittings.


Technical Specification

Overall Dimensions & Approximate Weights:

APU-1-5B & APU-1-19B : 23"x12"x18" High : 42lbs

APU-1-36B thru APU-1-275B : 22" x 10" x 15" High : 37lbs

Air Consumption: 28 SCFM (Max)

PIV Model


The PIV model has a Pressure Isolation Valve mounted in the outlet distribution manifold. When closed this valve isolates the pressure gauge and outlet port from the rest of the power unit system, allowing the gauge to accurately monitor the outlet test pressure. An additional port is provided in the manifold to which a pressure transducer or pressure recorder can be connected. When not in use this port can be plugged off.



If required please add suffix PIV to the

model reference number. e.g. APU-1-107B-PIV


APU-1B Series Data sheet






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