Capable of generating pressures of up to 45,800 PSI.

Oil or water service.

Chemical duty pumps available.

Will hold pressure without generating heat.

Will hold pressure without consuming power.

Infinitely variable output pressure.

Ideal for pressure testing, operating bolt tensioners,

jacks and hydraulic cylinders.

AZ-2 Series Air Operated High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps

Volume Outputs Per Stroke

Approximate Discharge Rates

Pump Dimensions

Pump Options

Materials of Construction

Hydraulic Pressure - Static Conditions

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Volume Outputs Per Stroke:

AZ-2 Series Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pressure - Static Conditions

AZ-2 Series Typical Hydraulic Pressure - Static Condition

Approximate Discharge Rates

AZ-2 Series Approximate Rate of Discharge - Air Drive 100 PSI(BAR)

Pump Dimensions

*For all CF (contamination free) models add 4 15/16" / 125mm to

"L" dimension for overall height.

* AZ-2-144 & -180 Models have 3/8“ MP Outlet

AZ-2-237 & -323 Models have 3/8“ HP Outlet

AZ-2-458 Model has 1/4“ HP Outlet

AZ-2-21 thru


AZ-2-60 thru


AZ-2-237 thru


AZ-2 Series pumps consume a maximum of approximately 56 SCFM of air @ 100 PSI.

Flow rates and pressures can be controlled using an air line pressure regulator.

Pump Options

SF Modification

Special fluid application. Incorporates dual seals with bleed port to atmosphere. This modification prevents contamination of air motor by fluid being pumped.

B Modification

For tank top installation. Inlet check valve is installed in bottom of hydraulic cylinder. For other applications, check valves can be reversed.

CF Modification

To insure 100% contamination-free hydraulic fluid operation, air motor is isolated from hydraulic assembly. Also, this model can pump fluids up to 400°F.

DS Model

DS Modification

The De-stroke model uses a modified air piston to shorten the stroke, which helps prevent internal pump damage due to rapid loss of pressure. Commonly used for burst testing applications.

LPS Modification

LPS Model

For low pressure starts using air pressure of only 5 psi, increases the output pressure range of the pump.

NL Modification

NL Model

Pump air motor components are lubricated with a non-melting silicone grease to provide long term lubrication. Eliminates the need to fit an air lubricator in the pump air drive line.

Air Motor

Mainly anodized aluminum with wound composite air cylinder, carbon steel zinc plated tie bolts and Nitrile seals.


Hydraulic Section

Standard pumps have 303 stainless steel cylinders, pistons and check valves, Internal check valve parts are 300 series stainless steel except for the balls which are 440C stainless steel. Nitrile seals are standard (other compounds are available).

All hydraulic pistons are hard chrome plated. Other material options are available, contact us for more information.

Materials of Construction


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