Built To Order Air Hydro Power Units.

Custom Built Manifold

This manifold was built to the specific customer requirements.  Featuring six outlets each fitted with ball valve and the addition of a gauge port with quick disconnect couplings.  The manifold has a maximum working pressure of 6,000 PSI.

Dual Pump Unit - DPU-1/5-2/97B

This unit incorporates AZ-1-.5 and AZ-2-97 pumps. Offering high flow rate of 5.5 GPM whilst providing test pressures up to 9,700 PSI

BOP Test Unit

Designed for pressure testing oilfield blowout preventers at pressures of up to 6,000 PSI. Complete with battery powered digital pressure gauge offering full data logging capabilities.
Totally enclosed stainless steel frame.
Other features included an adjustable pressure relief valve, pressure isolation valve and outlet stop valve.


Fitted with an adjustable pressure relief valve.
This feature is now available on all AirHydro Power Units.
To order simply add – PRV to the APU part number.
e.g. APU-2-60T-PIV-PRV


• Twice the fluid output of a single pump unit
• Individual pump control
• Pumps can be used individually or simultaneously
• Mounted on a 4 wheel stainless steel platform truck
• Push / Pull removable handle
• Common Air Inlet / Fluid Inlet / Fluid Outlet connections

Quick Fill Manifold

Allows the operator to pre-fill item being tested quickly prior to starting up the AirHydro Power Unit.
Fitted with a high-pressure isolation valve and safety pressure relief valve to protect the fluid source pipework from excessive pressure in the event the isolation valve is not closed properly.

Custom Built Air Hydro Power Unit

The pump is fitted with Viton hydraulic seals with a captured vent and secondary seal in the hydraulic cylinder making it suitable for use with a wide variety of corrosive and flammable fluids.
Alternative seals are available on request.
Specially modified air regulator limits output pressure to 200 PSI.
Closed loop hydraulic system returns fluid to the inlet side of the unit instead of to drain. This can also be used to bypass the pump allowing fluid to fill the test specimen quickly without the pump operating.
All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel.

Dual Pump Unit - DPU-2-144-144B-PIV

This unit incorporates all the features of the APU-2-144B-PIV but can deliver twice the flow rate throughout its output pressure range, this cutting pressurization time by half.
If pressurization time is not critical the operator can choose to run one pump only and keep the second pump as a back up. This is often a requirement when hydrostatic testing offshore when downtime caused by pump failure can be very expensive.